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Valkaama is based on the novel Valkama written by Hendrik Behnisch. The book has been published in March 2010 in German language.

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Valkaama is a collaborative Open Source Movie.
Important facts in short:
- Our FTP postproduction server:
- Valkaama is licensed under Creative Commons by-sa.
- The film is an open source no-budget full feature drama.
- Valkaama = valkama (Finnish: home) + kaamos (Finnish: polar night)
- Contact: e-mail, Skype.
Link:de:11   Open Source Filme beim WDR

posted: 2009-01-17

Sendung Angeklickt von und mit Jörg Schieb vom 02.01.2009 © WDR.

Anmerkung 1:
Genau genommen ist Route 66 kein Open Source Film, weil (noch) eine Creative Commons Lizenz mit nc Attribut verwendet wird. Dies wird sich aber laut VEB Film Leipzig spätestens mit dem Release ihres neuen Films 'Die letzte Droge' ändern.

Anmerkung 2:
Star Wreck ist auch kein Open Source Film, da keine Quellen veröffentlicht wurden. Außerdem kann der Film nicht kommerziell verwendet und auch nicht verändert werden (Lizenz: CC by-nc-nd).

Anmerkung 3:
Bei Iron Sky ist noch nicht raus, ob der Film überhaupt unter einer CC Lizenz veröffentlicht wird (womit sich auch die Frage nach den Quellen erübrigt). Timo Vuorensola, der Regisseur, hat mir per email bestätigt, dass zwar darüber nachgedacht wird, aber man nichts garantiert.
Link:en:10   Open Source Film Definition

posted: 2009-01-15
When does a movie qualify as an Open Source Movie? If you can copy it for free? If you can download some source materials? Or if people somehow work on it together? The technical answer to some of these questions you can find in our forum.
Link:en:9   Sources online

posted: 2009-01-01
The sources of Valkaama are finally downloadable via the BitTorrent network. Special thanks to all private Source Seeders and the Sources Seeders of Germany's Pirate Party who are ensuring a permanent availability of the data.

Update (2009-01-08):

The sources are now also available for download on a HTTP Mirror.

Update (2009-07-09):

Due to problems with the host provider the sources had to be deleted from the HTTP Mirror.
Link:pl:8   Strona po polsku

posted: 2008-10-29
Strona Valkaamy wzbogaciła się w wersję polskojęzyczną. Bardzo dziękuje Katarzynie Weselak za tłumaczenie.
Link:en:7   Valkaama Alpha 1 online

posted: 2008-10-20
The movie is now available as an Alpha-Version. Click here to watch or download it. As you will see there are still a lot of things to be done in order to complete it.

Anyway I hope you like the movie and maybe you can contribute to the post-production to improve it. This is what's still to be done. Any help is welcome. Get in touch!
Link:de:6   Webpage auf Deutsch

posted: 2008-10-14
Da 80% der Besucher momentan aus Deutschland kommen, gibts die Webpage jetzt auch auf Deutsch. Nur das Forum bleibt hauptsächlich auf Englisch. Hätte ich eigentlich früher drauf kommen können...
Link:en:5   Pirate Party supports Source Release

posted: 2008-10-11
Today I met Stefan Hermes from the German Pirate Party at the Freiheit statt Angst (Freedom not Fear) demo in Berlin. The demonstration was directed mainly against the increasing collection of our personal data by the government and big companies. It is feared that the control over the data along with the increasing abilities of interconnecting them enables the exact monitoring of our private life. A fact to be concerned about.

Stefan and the Pirates offered their help for publishing the Valkaama source files via BitTorrent and seeding it. That's great news... and apart from that I think that there's also a good chance that we'll create the biggest Torrent in the network :)
Link:en:4   To do list

posted: 2008-09-05
I've been making a list of things which are still to do in order to finish the movie. Please have a look at the forum.