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14) Int. Halmstad - Runa's home - day
Ibsy plays with the puppet which Lasse left for her. Runa feels lonely. She misses him.
Series of shots
A) Runa looks at pictures of Lasse.
B) She thinks of the qualiy time spent with him
C) Suddenly she gets up and grabs her laptop.
Runa powers her laptop and connects to the Internet. She opens a search engine and types in 'Lasse Ljandi'.
Since there are no results she searches her shelves for a telephone book. She looks up 'Ljandi' and phones to the numbers listed under this name.
Her efforts are without success. Just before she is about to give up hope, an idea suddenly comes to her mind.
Back at the laptop she types in 'Petri Smödhelm' the name of the puppet... and gets results which point to an orphanage in the city of Vänersborg.
Runa smiles happily.

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