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6) Int. Halmstad - Runa's home - morning
Fade in White
Runa wakes up and slowly opens her eyes. From the balcony she can hear Lasse who is quietly humming a melody.
Still tired she pulls the blanked over her head. For a short while she tries to fall asleep again.
Then she gives herself a start and gets up...
While going through the corridor Runa can see Lasse sitting on the balcony. He wears his unfashionable pyjama and hums an old children's song. His eyes are closed.
Watching him Runa has to smile.
After a short while she goes on to the kitchen where she spots her laptop which is still turned on. Next to it an almost burnt down candle is flickering.
Runa makes sure that Lasse is still on the balcony and lost in his daydream. Curiously she opens the laptop. The 'sent items' box of her mail client can be seen and she reads...
Lasse (V.O.)
For a long time now I have been neglecting you... But don't be too sad, for there are no new adventures to report.
In fact the moment has come and in peace my decision matured. Finally I feel that the time of travelling is coming to an end.
Now we will return home. Together. And our eternal dream will come true. I so appreciate the way you have been waiting patiently.
We will meet again. At the usual place. By the time the sun blessedly smiles for the fourth time, our aspiration will be nursed.
Runa looks up unbelievingly and seems to be quite distracted. Carefully she closes the laptop again.
Suddenly she notices a piece of paper on the table. On it the word HOMECOMING is written. She quietly repeats it.
Now Runa is even more distracted. She leaves the kitchen.
Back in bed Runa grabs one of her cuddly toys and holds it tight while staring at the ceiling.

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