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5) Int. Gothenburg - Hotel - room - night
Magnus and Leila are lying together in bed. Magnus stares at the ceiling. After a while he gets up and takes the now almost empty bottle.
He drinks a sip and goes slightly staggering to the window.
Magnus stares outside.
Are you listening to me now?
Magnus looks at Leila and sees her turning around on the bed. She sleeps.
(against the window)
... you are sleeping.
Maybe it's better.
Pause. He takes a another sip.
You know... some of my... clients... were clever guys. They really could have become something big.
But in the end. They crossed my path.
A bitter smile comes to his face.
Take Andersson. 10 days it's been... Nice guy. One of the brighter ones... Good company for a chat. Not like you. He put his trust in me. I gave him guidance. Like I gave so many before...
Ahh... How good it feels...
He smiles knowingly.
What I'm doing... is right! It has to be right!
Magnus drinks again and closes his eyes. He seems as though he was reviving a pleasant event in his memory.
That's what I live for! Only for that!
(opens his eyes)
But don't think I'm doing it just for myself. I'm not only showing the helpless their path. I'm saving them!
Magnus finishes the bottle and staggers to Leila's side of the bed where her glass of Scotch is standing. It is still full.
I am saving them...
Leila opens her sleepy eyes. Magnus grabs the glass and downs it in one swig.
Did you hear me? I am saving them!!!
Leila startles up. Being in shock she hastily takes her things and flees from the hotel room.
Shit! SHIT! Sick bastard!
Ehh! Fuck off you fuckin' bitch!
Magnus sighs and wearily falls on the bed.
Fade Out White

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