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25) Int. Gothenburg - Ari's flat - night
Runa and Erik are in front of Ari's door. Erik tries to break the lock with a metal wire and a credit card. He manages to open it and they go inside.
Carefully Erik closes the door again. They switch on flashlights and pave their way to the living room.
The room is quite untidy. Everywhere handwritten notes are scattered around. At the lower half of the wall pictures of nature and wildlife from all over the world are attached. Partly they are supplemented with articles of magazines, handwritten poems and letters.
Somehow it looks exactly like I expected.
Runa looks around. Her attention gets drawn to the computer screen on the table.
The computer must have been taken by the poli...
In this moment they can hear a sound. Apparently someone tries to open the door. Runa und Erik pause. The noise gets louder. Someone swears.
Erik grabs Runa's arm and drags her into the kitchen. The whole room is full of dirty dishes and empty pizza cartons.
They can find a place to hide.
Magnus manages to break the door open. As a precaution he puts on gloves before he enters the flat.
Magnus proceeds to the living room. He turns on the light and looks around... Opening the cupboards and drawers he takes out things of value and puts them into his pockets.
After he finished he turns towards the wall with the pictures. He reads some of the texts.
Then he notices an envelope with his alias 'Lazarus' written on it. Hastily he takes out the letter it contains and starts to read...
Where the hell does he know my name from???
While reading the letter Magnus looks over and over again at the wall with the pictures. Something in him changes. He seems to understand.
Cautiously he puts the letter into his pocket. Once again he examines the wall. He takes some of the pictures and leaves without turning off the light.
Cut to: Runa und Erik
Shortly after Magnus has gone Runa and Erik risk to get out of their hiding-place.
Who was that?
I have no idea.
Come on, we'd better go.
Not before I've found something.
What if that guy comes back? Or someone sees the light?
10 minutes, okay?
Runa walks into the living room and starts to search it.
What is so important?
Runa doesn't answer but goes on searching. Erik waits in the corridor.
Cut to Runa
Disappointed she comes out of the living room.
This doesn't make any sense at all.
Found anything?
Wordless and with hanging head Runa opens the door and goes outside. Erik shortly takes a look around and switches off the light.
As he enters the staircase he sees Runa sitting on the floor, leaning at the wall. She cries.
Erik comforts her.
Hey. Lil' princess. Don't be sad. Come on, get up.
Erik helps Runa getting up. He hugs and squeezes her.
Come on.
Nothing. Not even the smallest clue.
What were you looki... (ng for?)
Erik pauses as though he changed his mind.
Don't cry...
He puts his hand around her hip and pushes her gently towards the door of his flat.
A glass of wine and the whole world looks different again....

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