Open Soundtrack  
So far the Valkaama Open Soundtrack contains 4 songs. If you or your band want to contribute music we'd be happy about. The only condition is that the song's content and/or mood fits Valkaama. Apart from that a Creative Commons by or by-sa license is required.
Abandoned in August - Elusive Bonds
The title-track of Valkaama can be now listened to and downloaded here. In fact, there is a story worth telling behind 'Elusive Bonds' which you can read here...
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Abandoned In August - Elusive Bonds
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Meander - Crossroads :: Remixes
Meander - Crossroads (Alexander Brennecke Mix 1)
Meander - Crossroads (Alexander Brennecke Mix 2)
Meander - Crossroads (Matthias Jahn Remix)
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    Open Film Score  
At the moment there are 3 different music scores for Valkaama. The tracks of these scores can be listened to and downloaded here, if the respective composer wishes. If you want to create your own music score for the movie, it would be best if you get in touch.
Michael Georgi
Michael Georgi wrote his music score after working for about 1 year on the sound engineering of Valkaama. During this work, he got more and more into the story and finally was able to express the sadness of the drama as well as the hope and the failure of the characters in a music score for the motion picture.
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The music score by audioscapist (Patrick Fitzsimons) mixes classical orchestration with a wide range of other sounds to support the action in the hope-inspired journey depicted in this poetic film. By selective placement of the music he allows the actors' strengths to shine through and gives the scenes the time and space to envelop you in the promise of Valkaama.
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Matthias Blazejak
You will be taken on a journey through an electronic soundscape by listening to Matthias Blazejak's music score to Valkaama. Complexe synthysounds and melancholic themes underline the mood of the film. A stark contrast are the powerful beats in scenes where hope returns to the individual characters.
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