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What is needed to finish the movie...
Posted by:
Date: September 05, 2008 08:12AM

To finish the movie, the following things are needed / have to be done:

Data infrastructure
... for exchanging large video files over the Internet. The source files should be distributed via a P2P network, preferably BitTorrent. Also a FTP Server is needed to exchange temporary production media. Done

Additional video clips
As can be seen in the Alpha version, there are still possibilities for improving the movie. We need video clips in HDV which can be used to connect the scenes and shots of a big lake for the final scene. Partially Done

Color correction
Primary color correction and optional secondary cc. Done

Consisting of relatively simple things like removing a microphone which can be seen in one of the scenes and more complicated things like improving the detail and atmosphere of the movie by adding visual elements to the pictures. Done

Audio Engineering
Enhancing the quality of the on-set recorded voices of the actors. Done

Adding additional sounds (Done) and creating a 5.1 channel surround mix (optional).

Music score
Creating different music scores for the movie. Done

Optional. Making the movie available in different languages. (open task)

Optional. Making the movie available with subtitles in different languages. (open task)

Opening scene and credits
For the opening scene some shots already exist (see the movie's sources). Maybe those can be used together with additional footage. Done

A concept for the end of the movie
The end of the movie still has some flaws. There are 2 possible solutions. Either cutting the end in a different way or working with pictures which are used as a flashback to Magnus' and Lasse's childhood. Done

DVD Authoring
Creating a DVD for the movie containing menus, graphics, additional sounds and media. Done

Creating a movie poster for Valkaama. Done

Re: What is needed to finish the movie...
Posted by: tonyrosario
Date: January 18, 2009 04:57PM

I'm a computer animation student in the USA. I know how to work in Nuke and Final Cut (Compositing/Color Grading). The format is m2t, and none of this programs recognize this format. I can converted to a High quality .TGA format and no quality should be losT. but I dont seem to know how to exported back to m2t. Any suggestions?

Re: What is needed to finish the movie...
Posted by:
Date: January 19, 2009 10:32AM


The m2t files are a mpeg stream which has been recorded directly from tape, so in this step there was no quality loss. I know that Avid and Adobe Premiere can import this format. Avid also exports it. Not sure whether Premiere does and about Final Cut I have no idea.

As for the import, try to rename the file to .mpg / .mpeg etc. This might work since it is a MPEG-2 video which every program should be able to read without special codecs needed. See here: []

When it comes to exporting. I don't really know. If you want to export with the same quality, then you could try to export a mpeg video with the respective video resolution. If that doesn't work, you have to try and use other codecs and make sure that the quality loss is minimized.

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